Cleaning And Caring For Gemstone Candle Holders

Cleaning And Caring For Gemstone Candle Holders

by David Artstone


Gemstone refers to a variety of semi-precious rocks or minerals, which can be used for decorative or ornamental purposes. They are usually characterized by vibrant colors, unique formations, and sometimes by the extremely polished nature of the surface. There are a wide variety of materials that are termed gemstone, and often the actual classification of what can or can not be called such is a little fuzzy. The basic requisite is attractiveness of features.

When it comes to candle holders, almost any type of gemstone can and will be used. Generally the material is taken raw, and drilled with a candle hole. Other times the material is polished or refined in some way, and then fitted with a candle cup.

The idea is that the flickering light of the candle reflects off the multifaceted face of the material, creating an interplay which can be quite lovely. Often this effect will be enhanced, if the stone is clear, or translucent, allowing the light to penetrate its surface and causing the entire piece to glow.

When cleaning a gemstone candle holder, it is important to be careful, and understand the nature of the material, in order to avoid ruining it by using the wring cleaning agent.

Some gemstone materials may discolor when they come in contact with harsh acidic soaps. If you do use soap, make certain that it is very mild, and dilute it heavily with water. Using a non acidic cleansing agent would work even better.

In general the safest method for cleaning a gemstone candle holder is to just use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess dust that may settle on the piece. If wax gets stuck to the gemstone, you can try running the piece under warm water to loosen it. Be careful not to soak any backing material too much or it may come loose.

You have to be especially careful of clear gemstone pieces, as they can become clouded when they come in contact with certain agents. Depending on the porosity of the material, certain liquids may enter these stones, causing them to stain. Again, the safest route is generally to just use warm water.

In general gemstone candle holders should not need much maintenance. If you just dust them off every once in a while, and are careful to keep their surfaces clear of dripping wax, they will generally continue to look like new virtually forever.

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