Crystal Awards; Tributes, Rewards, Gifts

Crystal Awards; Tributes, Rewards, Gifts

by MaryMay Braun


There are many employees, leaders and managerial staff that might be motivated to perform even better if their current and past successes where acknowledged by the company they have worked so hard for. This could be done with crystal awards, which are usually constructed of well-built lead crystal, as a gift of appreciation to all those who work so hard to keep a business going and growing. People like the company's attorney or bookkeeper. These small tokens of appreciation are a representation of thanks for their workers commitment and struggle to help a company.

Crystal trophies, gifts, prizes and awards come in a variety of styles in order to show respect for those helpful volunteers, community members and employees who are important to a group or businesses achievements.

For those volunteers or an employee who has reached retirement, a lovely crystal trophy with a Quartz clock near the top of a large, flat crystal piece would make a nice thank you or going away gift from the company. A clock always represents time spent or the good attempts and successes this person made in helping the company along the way.

Clear and optical awards, gifts and trophies could be created into something that represents special achievements within the company such as a star for tremendous service. There are many shapes crystal trophies and rewards could take on, especially something motivational like a mountain top or pyramid to show the climb to the top with a company.

There are crystal trophies and achievement rewards in the shape of steps or those that have small building blocks for employees or others who have set and met a goal called goal setter awards.

Some of the gifts and trophies made of crystal could be frosted or colored instead of the clear, see-through kind. In addition to a splash of color or frosting, a company could help to memorialize the event with employees name etched on the front or the date and name of the award would also be nice.

A company might decide to pay respect to their employees with a better representation of crystal such as a crystal biscuit jar, crystal vase, various size bowls and crystal candy dishes, crystal plates or serving platters and crystal candle holders or drinking glass sets would all be a usable gift as well as decorative.

In addition, whatever type of business a company is in, such as a movie theater or a dog grooming business, crystal trophies or a recognition piece could be molded and crafted to represent that business. For example, the movie theater may hand out awards made from crystal in the shape of a strip of film or a tub of popcorn to their employees who go above and beyond the call of duty and a dog groomers might have their crystal pieces to honor their employees in the shape of a dog but have the back hollowed out for a candy dish.

Loyal customers, a volunteer, employees, venders or everyone who has lent a hand to a company through thick and thin should be rewarded and their generosity will come back again in the form of continued great service and reliability when it is needed most. Crystal awards make a great item for an employer to give to their employees and the many other people who do a good job for the sustained success of a business.

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