The Healing Benefits Of Chakra Balancing

The Healing Benefits Of Chakra Balancing

by Sue Kennedy


Crystals have a long history of being used for healing. The theory behind the use of crystal healing involves the energy flows in the body through the chakras. There are seven known chakras in the body, each associated with different body systems and colours. If there is a blockage of energy at any of the different chakras, this means that it is associated with different conditions such as physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Depending on the tradition that is followed, this energy is known as ki, chi, animu, chula, spirit or life force. The use of small gemstones and crystals and their uses as amulets and talismans go back a long way in history. The benefits of crystal healing can be useful especially getting a map of the location of the seven chakras, as well as the colours that are specific for different situations, body systems, energies and conditions.

There are two methods to modern crystal healing, the first is where the healer has a crystal that they cleanse and then imbue with intent before moving it around the affected chakras. In the other method is using different crystals for various chakras or illnesses. The aim of both these methods is to cleanse the body of negative energy and to re-balance the energy in your body through the chakras. These methods can lead to healing mental and physical symptoms.

There are different ways in which crystals can heal you. A few of these are by wearing them as jewelry or amulets, laying them on your body, placing them next to your bed or placing them in a healing bath. If you are using these crystals as jewelry, make sure you use round beads that have no metal settings as these can interrupt the energy.

The most commonly used crystal is the clear quartz, but crystals with colour can be used in connection with the colours of the chakras. It is important to note that the shape of the crystal have benefits as they are said to resonate with the different energies. The vibration rates will change the vibrational energy in your body which has a healing effect.

An essential way to care for your crystals is to cleanse on a regular basis so that you can get rid of any negative energy. A crystal healer has the belief through prayer, a ceremony or by physically cleansing the crystals using salt or moonlight. The crystals should be stored in saline or salt once they are cleansed so that no negative energy can get in.

There are certain gemstones and crystals that are associated with specific problems. Green fluorite, for example is recommended for hormone balance and treating PMS; jade is good for relaxation, both physical and mental and malachite is used to bring harmony into your life. The colours of the stones mean they can also be used in colour therapy.

There is a theory behind crystal wands and crystals of how the various colours are associated with healing different situations.

The theories mentioned above can be combined together as well as the use of yoga and massage in association with crystals that will benefit in treatments for various conditions and achieving emotional well-being can be made with energy balancing.

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