Living Room Coasters

Living Room Coasters

by David Artstone


Stone coasters can play an active part in your homes decor. They primarily serve as the protective materials that sit between hot liquids and furniture surfaces, and protect the former from heat but they can also add glamour to your tables.

The long term effect of hot objects such as a cup of hot coffee on unprotected furniture surface can be profound. Over time, heat can cause discoloration on furniture surfaces. It can also cause warping. Leather surfaces can have scratches or cracks if they are not protected from the hard bases of glasses or cups. Sofas can be stained or damaged with heat from hot cups or dripping water from condensing lemon juice glasses. So stone coasters serve fundamentally protective functions for the home. But they need to be bought with care because the color, design and shape can impact on the decor of the room.

Every home has a fixed decor. The furniture, the color of the walls, the color of the ceiling and the type of rug used need to be matched with complementary colors or materials. Anything odd will diminish the beauty of the already existing furnishings.

Stone coasters are small objects but they are very conspicuous. They are placed on tables so they easily add to the decor of the room. One cannot easily dismiss the design or shape of the stone coaster in a living room. For these reasons, it is essential that you take particular note of the type of coaster you are buying.

Try to buy stone coasters that match the decor of your living room. Look at complementary colors so that the room furniture or the coaster fits right. Again, take note of the material from which the coaster is made. For an elegantly decorated room, single colored stone coasters will be suitable. A room with fanciful or casual theme will require colorful stone coasters to complement the furnishing.

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