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Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski is a guide to 88 crystals, illustrated with beautiful photographs for easy identification. It's a great beginner's book, focusing on crystals that are commonly used and easy to obtain. Topics include:

  • Which crystal(s) to choose for different conditions - physical, emotional or spiritual
  • How crystals work with spirits, angel and archangels
  • Channeled messages from each crystal, fascinating and inspiring
  • How to arrange crystals in the home to build energy enhancing grids with specific goals, such as romance, abundance, protection, restful sleep and more
  • Choosing crystals that have been conscientiously mined (no conflict diamonds, for example)
  • Crystal terminology is explained, terms such as "record-keeper" and "phantom"

About the Authors of Crystal Therapy:

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., works as a spiritual psychologist with the assistance of spirit beings, including angels and fairies. She is a best-selling author with dozens of titles in the field of spiritual healing, having sold more than a million copies.

Judith Lukomski is a life coach who assists individuals as well as organizations to make transitions to living from a more spiritual perspective. Like her co-author Doreen Virtue, Lukomski also works with the assistance of spirit beings, including angels and ascended masters.


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