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Gemstone Energy Medicine turns crystal healing into a practically useful form of medicine that everybody can use for themselves with or without the help of a powerful intuitive crystal healing facilitator. By stringing quality gemstone spheres into necklaces that are regularly worn, anyone can enjoy the full benefits of the healing properties of these crystals. The stones can help to create healthier body, happier mind, and uplifted spirit. Forerunners in the revolutionary field of energy medicine, therapeutic gemstones are perhaps the most powerful healing tools available today. The practical and easy-to-use methodology presented in Gemstone Energy Medicine represents a quantum leap above and beyond the traditional and popular, but more complicated, forms of crystal healing.

The book includes:
* Chart matching 300 conditions with recommended gemstone necklaces
* Illustrated instructions to 27 gemstone sphere therapies
* How to cleansing and care for therapeutic gems
* Quick reference guide
* 30 full-color photographs and dozens of illustrations

About the Author

Michael Katz is a pioneer in the field of gemstone energy medicine. He is the owner of the company Gemisphere, located in Portland, Oregon, which provides education on gemstone energy medicine and quality gemstone necklaces to people in over 40 countries.


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